what is skin analyzer and how it works ?


what is skin analyzer and how it works ?

AI Skin Tester is the most advanced Image Analysis System in the world. It is used to promote skin treatment methods and improve patient treatment effects more effectively. A revolutionary breakthrough in the pathological analysis system of the AI Skin Tester. It uses RGB and UV Spectral imaging technology to detect spots, pores, wrinkles, Pigments, ultraviolet rays or sunlight can cause different degrees of damage to the skin. The skin damage is accurately presented to the patient. The doctor proposes a targeted treatment plan. The pictures before and after the treatment can be compared in detail! The Smart AI Skin Tester is also recognized as one of the most advanced and reliable professional skin image analysis systems in the world. It is widely used in professional medical cosmetology inspection and research. It can shoot high-definition facial images under RGB and UV spectra. With high-level professional images, the skin characteristics can be analyzed scientifically, and the best personality characteristics beauty treatment plan can be proposed. It can penetrate and see the basal layer of the skin, show the degree of deep skin damage by ultraviolet rays, provide professional analysis data for wrinkles, uneven skin tone, pores, stains and other skin problems, and accurately display the progress of improvement in different areas that need improvement. , Built-in classification comparison, can make a comprehensive quantitative comparison with other people of the same age and skin type, provide detailed analysis reports for individual differences in patients, and automatically generate detailed treatment and care plans.


How does the AI skin Analyzer detect skin problems?

36 million pixels, white light, ultraviolet light and cross-sectional polarized light three angle imaging, from different sides to provide the basis for medical analysis of the skin.

Among them, white light imaging shows visible spots, pores and fine lines on the surface of the skin; ultraviolet light exposes ultraviolet spots and facial infection problems; polarized light analyzes the skin’s blood vessel condition and skin color uniformity through the imaging of hemoglobin.


Professional Smart Light User Portable Skin Analyzer Machine

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