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What is a Hydra Dermabrasion Facial?

Also known as a Hydra Dermabrasion Facial, this is a multistep treatment that is non-invasive and combines the benefits of new generation hydradermabrasion, automated painless extractions, a chemical peel, and a specialized infusion of hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, and peptides to improve the look and feel of the face.

Hydradermabasion is a gentle hydrating treatment that will refresh and revitalize your skin. This rejuvenating treatment combines exfoliation, extraction, and the infusion of serums to smooth, hydrate, and even skin tone. Because the treatment stimulates renewal within the skin, improvement continues as new, healthy cells rise to the surface.

Hydradermabrasion evenly exfoliates the skin, extracts dirt and debris, and simultaneously infuses the skin with condition-specific serums. By using an exfoliating diamond tip and infusing the skin with serums at the time of exfoliation, your skin experiences maximum penetration and absorption of the serum’s active ingredients. The hydration, tone, and texture of your skin are optimized thru this simultaneous technology.

Blue Alice is to collect facial skin detail images through 10 million pixel high-definition micro-range camera combined with three-spectral imaging technology, through intelligent diagnosis and analysis of artificial intelligence core engine ,8 dimension fine items to detect skin problems, and according to the diagnosis results of private customized beauty care program and intelligent recommendation of professional skin care products; Combined with the techniques of” ultrasonic shovel knife “,” bubble “,” nano atomization “,” ultrasonic wave “,” gold radio frequency “,” ice repair “and so on, the six high configuration beauty functions comprehensively manage the skin, combine the results of AI skin diagnosis with skin care products and other skin care items, and develop a multi-functional integrated equipment for skin detection and management.


skin detection
Skin Deep Cleaning
Pigmentation Removal
Oily Skin Improvement
Tightening the eye bag
Improve Skin Texture
Allergic Skin Improvement
Water Replenishing to Skin
Skin Fatigue Improvement
Dark Circle Eye Treatment
Acne Removal / Acne Scar Treatment
Skin Whitening & Rejuvenation

Selling point:

1. Intelligent facial recognition
2. Intelligent diagnosis (system automatically analyzes detection results)
3. Eight major testing items: wrinkles, pores, stains, roughness, oil content, sensitivity, moisture, and acne
4. 10 megapixel macro camera
5. 3 spectral imaging technology (standard white light, cross polarized light, and UV light are three spectra that scan and detect the surface layer, dermis, hair follicles, and pores of the skin or scalp. Especially when UV light is used for hair follicle detection, it can accurately determine the degree of the bottom layer of hair follicles.)
6. High resolution and high definition diagnosis (solving customer facial problems and care)
7. 5G cloud connectivity (follow the mini program, enter your membership number to view the cloud detection results report)
8. High configuration 6 major nursing probes (comprehensively solving skin problems, timely detection and care)
9. High cost-effectiveness (compared to market testing instruments, skin management instruments, and smart ice blue combined to provide customers with a higher technological beauty experience)
10. Test and analysis results.

Skin Care Hydra Dermabrasion Machine

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