how to choose a 808nm diode laser hair removal machine?


808nm diode laser hair removal machine purcahse experience share

In this artical, we try to figure out  some basic guidence  or tips of purchasing a diode laser hair removal machine among millions of suppliers laser manufacture  and trading company.

Now more and more people around the world choose  808nm diode laser technology for their hair removal to trading company & beauty equipemtns resellers &retailer &wholesaler&beauty salon owners &clinic dortors/beauty Center Manager ,it is not easy to choose a realiable diode laser hair removal machine if there is  no experience.  you must have a lot of question wait for anwser: like power of diode laser handle , 808 diode or triple waves 808+755+1064nm, is there any consumable parts in this new 808nm machine ?  what about service ?

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zhzy laser R&D department ,Our team invest diode laser hair removal from 2009,we did a lot of failure.we want share all the fact to you.hope this can give you some referrence when

you plan to buy a diode laser hair removal machine  or just intrested in laser hair removal treatment. if you have more question ,we’d like to study together.

1. whats is 808nm diode laser hair removal ?

808nm diode laser hair removal machine is a  latest new laser beauty equipment that generate a red banding beam of highly focused diode laser light. The laser beam directly focused on pigment and well absorbed by the pigment located in hair follicles. During the  laser treament, the long laser pulses repeats as a high frequency 10HZ,  hair absorb the energy and heat up. After it  repeats 3-5 times, hair follicles heats up, the hair  fall off  and hair follicles lose the ablibity to regrow after 3-5 times laser treatment.  808nm/810nm Diode laser is the  most popular forever hair removal  painess technology.

2) Laser output spot Size / Diode Laser bars

Hair removal Result=Best energy density=energy/spot size.Some factory advertise 2000W or 3000W,but handle too small spot size.Diode laser bars easy to broken.Some factory use non channel laser chips making big spot size.Engery density of diode laser is too small,need more treatment time.

Diode lase bars now most popular in the market now is micro cooling ,macro cooling ,non channel cooling USA chips dissemble in China.Micro cooling diode laser bars has distric limit with water,need distilled water.Other two cooling way not too much.Choose fit power and quality, take care of water quality.Laser bars of diode has a long lifetime.

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3.wavelength of diode laser hair removal machine ,808 or triple wavelength.

755nm: The 755nm is characterized by more powerful melanin absorption, making it suitable for the light-coloured and thin hair. In this way, this wavelength aims to remove the hair on such areas as eyebrows, upper lip, etc.

808nm: Suitable for almost all hair types, the 808nm can penetrate into the subcutaneous fat tissues as well as deep dermis so as to act on various body parts, making hair removal at any depth realized in an express and thorough way

1064nm: Because the 1064nm possesses the features of lower melanin absorption yet deeper penetration in follicles, it mainly provides solutions for dark hair colour.

you must be very clear now which wavelenght should choose now ? it deponds on your clients most popular treatments,

how Triple waves hair removal works
how Triple waves hair removal works


4.portable or vertical  diode laser machine  for your hair removal treatment

now technology is more and more advanced, even small demension can make very powerful diode laser hair removal power. Popular compressor Aspen is so small to offer  best diode chillers. Considering the international shipping, portbale diode laser hair removal machine is of couse shipping cost is cheaper, but someone like vertical desing. we can start with one potable and then vertical.

Triple waves diode laser hair removal

When is best seaon order an IPL SHR sytsem hair removl machine ?
vetical diode laser stack for hair removal cosmetic application