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ZHZY XI’an Photoelectric Technology Co.,Ltd is a globe manufacture of medical-aesthetic equipment.It is famous in design and develop IPL, Radio-Frequency,Diode laser,Co2 laser,Nd-yag laser and HIFU,cavitation technology products.ZHZY offer device and service to skin clinic, hospital skin departments, Beauty Center, Beauty salon.we also creat community for salon owners, doctors.Share experience of doing medical and beauty aesthetic procedure.

Medical Aesthetic treatments

  • Hair removal: laser hair removal , SHR, diode laser, IPL, Alexandrite laser
  • Facial Treatments: Carbon peel (China doll peel, red carpet peel), face contouring, scars & acne scars, acne, trans epidermal delivery, pigmented lesions, vascular lesions, skin resurfacing
  • Body Treatments: Body contouring, skin remodeling, hyperhidrosis, psoriasis, vitilligo, small areas (cellulite,skin laxity and contouring for sub-mental, back of the arm and face), stretch marks, vascular lesions, pigmented lesions, tattoo removal, nail fungus, skin resurfacing

As a globe manufacture of medical-aesthetic equipment, ZHZY LASER team have more than 15 years doing OEM and ODM project, including  software ,outside design and Modular inside structures , combination design solutions for all kinds of resellers, agents ,distributors.Welcome to visit our factory!

With ZHZY as part of your aesthetic business you can inspire and empower your clients to enhance their natural beauty and improve their quality of life with safe, predictable and effective treatments.

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Email : info@zhzy-laser.com
Phone/whats app/wechat: +8613601399239

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