2021 NEW Laser SHR System


 Laser SHR  system for hair removal?
laser SHR is “Super Hair Removal”, something like “super hair removal”. Our  laser SHR hair removal machine provides a high speed of 10  shoots per second. It is a technology in motion (INMOTION): it is applied by sweeping in several passes, which increases efficiency by increasing the chances of hitting and avoiding dead spots.


Triwave is a new diode laser that delivers three wavelengths in one to treat all skin types and hair colours. The three wavelengths combine and are delivered through a 1200 watt powerful cold treatment handpiece for pain free hair removal. 1064nm, 808nm & 755nm are combined together for the best form of hair removal. Other lasers can only deliver one wavelength but Triwave Lasers have superior technology to produce the most efficient results in hair removal. Three waveslength  is more effective as it carefully selects the correct amount of each wavelength depending on sex, hair thickness, colour and skin type. The operator moves the handpiece up and down the skin with gel with a circular motion to the target area. Hair follicles will be destroyed instantly to eradicate unwanted hair painlessly and permanently.

2021 NEW Laser SHR System Offer three spot size for big parts and small parts all is very convenient, you can do a lip with 12*12mm2 spot size, Easy to move.for a big part like back , legs ,arms, 12*25 is very effective, fast and powerful design.

triple laser hair removal
triple laser hair removal


Wavelength: 1064nm, 810nm, 755nm
Screen: 10.4 Inch Full Colour LCD
Max Output: 100J/CM2
Pulse Width:1 – 300 ms
Spot Size: 12 x 12 mm+12*25mm+12*20mm
Frequency: 1 – 10 Htz
Input Power: 3000 w
Output Power: 1200 w treatment head
20 Million Shots more than
USA Laser Stack Head
Waterproof Sapphire Crystal Handpiece
Alma Laser Connector
Dual Internal Filter System

The most effective laser shr system for permanent hair reduction

Fast (10 shots / sec.)
Fittings : all skin types (I to VI)
Safe (even on tanned skin)
Painless (SHR and cooled heads)
Economical (more than 20 million shots)
Treatments all year round (including tanned skin)
Technical support free replacement
FREE On Line training


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